Passion Play Tours. Oddments Theatre Company

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Spit image with four images. In the first of two columns, three images stacked. Image one, a couple of modern soldiers beating Jesus who is on the ground. Image two, a modern dressed Jesus raises a goblet into the air while smiling. Four people around him seem happy while watching him. The third image shows a dead Jesus in the arms of a lady who is sad. The second column is a single image of a cross in the middle of an open road. The light glows from the cross. Text title reads 'The Road to the Cross, Oddments Theatre Co'.

Passion Play Tours. Oddments Theatre Company

Oddments Theatre Company is touring the UK to present their uniquely staged Passion Play. Now in its second year of touring, the theatre production of ‘The Road to the Cross’ will be back from March – May 2023!

This contemporary stage show will make you laugh, cry and reflect as we follow the story of Jesus and his disciples from Palm Sunday to Pentecost.

Set in the 21st Century, this play challenges the audience to think about the Christian message in a new way. ‘The Road to the Cross’ has an innovative set, with lighting and sound effects, to bring you a visually striking show.

This is a 2-act production, running at approximately 2 hours including a 20 minute interval.
Suitable for ages 12+ (Please be aware that this performance contains scenes of a graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.)