Trafalgar Square

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Picture of Jesus, dressed in white addressing the crowds at Trafalgar Square London. Text on the image reads: Wintershall, Experience the story
A poster promoting 'The Passion of Jesus' by Wintershall. Photo shows Jesus smiling holding up a child who is also smiling. The text of the poster includes the date of the event, Good Friday 15th April 2022

Friday 15th April 2022

Supported by the Mayor of London, one hundred Wintershall players bring their electric and moving portrayal of the final days of Jesus to this iconic location in the capital.

On Good Friday up to 20,000 people will gather to watch the Easter story in Trafalgar Square, London. The 90-minute production is completely free of charge – a gift to Londoners and visitors. No tickets are required. There is a performance at 12 noon and 3:15 pm. The production is open air with visibility maximised using large screens. There is a realistic interpretation of the crucifixion so parental guidance is advised. British sign language interpretation is provided.

The huge Wintershall cast – including a donkey and horses – in colourful costumes, realistic scenes and a heart moving crucifixion and resurrection, The Passion of Jesus makes a great impact.

The Passion of Jesus has grown enormously over the years and is performed in London, Trafalgar Square every Good Friday. In 2013 it was live streamed onto the internet and went all round the world.

Now a regular, and highly praised addition to Easter in London, the Passion is free and attracts up to 20,000 people for each of its two performances at 12 noon and at 3.15 p.m. on Good Friday. Big screens are used so wherever you are you can see and hear the acting.

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