Watching a Passion Play can be very inspiring:

  • Seeing the Gospel brought to life on the streets
  • Encountering Jesus again and experiencing the Easter story
  • Watching churches of all denominations work together to present free performances
  • Hearing the stories of people impacted by the event
  • Local councils supporting more free performances
  • Marginalised communities and people invited into the cast and crew
  • Professional and amateur actors working together
  • Community collaboration and creativity

You might be asking yourself ‘How can I get involved?’ or ‘How can I see this happen in my local community?’

Putting on a Passion Play in your town or city is not as hard as you think. If you have been inspired to have a free performance for your community, visit the Passion Trust site to find out how we can help you produce one or contact us directly.

Support and resources are available free online, and we would be happy to talk to you personally about your ideas for a new passion play. The Passion Trust exists to support you as you produce and perform passion plays in your own towns and cities. Read more about how we want to help you below.