Wales Tour

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Beautiful moving piece – all the more powerful in its pure simplicity. 

A black and white scene from a Passion Play featuring three people in The Passion's Wales tour.

The Passion is performed by a cast of three talented professional actors from LAMPS Collective on its Wales tour. It recreates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It does so in a moving, memorable and ultimately joyful retelling of the Easter events. The play is told from the perspectives of Peter, Mary Magdalene and a Roman centurion named Marcus. In so doing it leads us up to and through the events of Holy Week, the cross and beyond.

LAMPS toured their three-hander production of The Passion to three venues in Wales. As part of this they could offer free shows thanks to the Passion Trust’s kind grant covering wages for five people in each instance. Minimal set, free host accommodation and using our own sound equipment and vehicles also kept costs down. It meant that the only costs incurred were costume, travel and food for the team. The Wales tour of The Passion took place at St David’s Cathedral (12.4.19) The King’s Arms, Reynoldston (16.4.19) and Holy Trinty Church, Aberaeron (17.4.19).

St David’s Cathedral saw an audience of local people and pupils from the local church school as well as visiting tourists. Many of who came across the morning sound check and came back for the show as a result of it!

Fantastic and emotional, portraying the real meaning of the story. Most gifted actors, blessed by God himself. This blew my mind – so glad I came!

The most powerful presentation of Easter I have ever seen. God bless you all in your very special ministry.

Even after many years of the Passion story, this brought a freshness and I learnt new moments in the story. It was a new lamp shining in the expanding brightness of the journey.

Excellent presentation. Powerfully bringing the characters and narrative to life in areal and non-religious way,

Excellent. I think the whole audience was captivated.

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