West Bridgford

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A one-act Passion Play performed at St Giles’ Church on three evenings in Holy Week. 

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However many times people hear the story of Holy Week, there always seems something new to discover.

The first time, we discover the story of Jesus. His betrayal, suffering and the agony of the cross before the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

As the story is repeated over the years, our attention turns to other characters in the story.

If you have ever had to make a difficult decision, it is hard not to have some sympathy for Pontius Pilate. But what about Judas Iscariot?

Without him, would there have been an Easter story to fulfil the Old Testament prophesies? And then there is Peter, the rock on which the church was to be founded, and yet disowned Jesus three times.

There are also the ordinary people, the ones who cheered Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, yet were calling for Barabbas later in the week.

It is these people that feature in Edward Murch’s passion play, ‘No Name in the Street’, which is being performed in St Giles’ Church in the days before Easter.

We see the story of Holy Week unfold through the experiences of a mother searching for her son, and the people she meets during her search. Inevitably it prompts us to ask what would we have done, how would we have behaved if we had been there?