Easter Weekend 2023

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Easter 2023 is from 7th to 10th April.

Well, that’s Easter 2023 in the diary. But there’s more to it than just a set of dates.

Good Friday falls on 7th April and we remember that Jesus was crucified next to two criminals on Calvary.

Easter Saturday falls on 8th April and we remember that his body lay in the tomb. Also his followers, friends and family mourned his death.

Easter Sunday falls on 9th April and we remember that Jesus rose again. All those who mourned for him saw this and his resurrection showed that death had no hold over him.

Easter tells the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is the central focal point of the Christian faith because it celebrates the fact that Jesus died in our place and rose again, so we could also rise again on the last day. Sin and death had no power over him and because he forgives our sins and died in our place, sin and death can have no power over us.

Experience the story for yourself this Easter 2023 and explore the love, peace and hope of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Passion Plays are free live performances that take place all over the UK every Easter. Find one near you this Easter.

Mary hugs her son Jesus after he is resurrected, her face over his shoulder is full of emotion