Why Watch a Passion Play?

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Passion Plays tell the Easter story and cover the events of the last few years of Jesus’ life, his death and his resurrection.

The story of Easter is set in Jerusalem in the first century when it was occupied by the Roman army. It was a harsh and brutal time, and the Roman centurions who were in charge of keeping the peace in the occupied city were particularly harsh and brutal. They recognised no one’s basic human rights, unless you were a Roman citizen.

Why watch a Passion Play? Read what other people said in answer to this question:

The kids and I were completely blown away by this immersive experience…Birmingham Passion Play brought the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection to life!

– Anon, Birmingham

The joy at Jesus’ resurrection at the end was palpable.
– Katie, Oxford

It was a revelation to me.  When I was in the church “Peter” looked at me personally and said “Jesus loves you”… I was stunned. I never had that message delivered to me so strongly. It has remained in my heart and my mind since. I have made it light of my faith in recent years, being more a deist than a Christian, and irritated with all the Christian concepts. I feel like wanting to return to the fold now and I have this picture of Jesus with his arms wide opened.  It is amazing….

– Isabelle, Norwich

The Passion Play was a great event – there was a real buzz about it at NCBC on Sunday – excellent feedback from so many people. A lot of work I’m sure but worth it for the lasting impact.

– Helen, Norwich

The part where they led Jesus to the cross was simple but so powerful – the mocking was like it could have been today and was just relentless – I found myself thinking, how could you be so dis-respectful about him, so irreverent, how can you miss who he is?

– Rob Hodd, Norwich

Wow! People of Birmingham you’ve done yourselves proud with the numbers that turned out for the Passion Play. Outstanding doesn’t do it justice for what a fabulous time it’s been!

– Andrew, Birmingham

Thank you all for a very blessed weekend it was so inspiring and will stay with me for a very long time. God bless.

– Anon, Havant

I’m not religious but what an amazing day…a wonderful project bringing a diverse community together. Thanks to everyone who put so much work into it

– Yvette, Manchester

Passion Plays are taking place across the UK this Easter, it might be just the right time to watch one!

In the foreground the head of a Middle Eastern man watching Jesus holding his arms out on a stage in the background, surrounded by his disciples.