Why watch a Passion Play?

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Passion Plays bring the story of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection to life in free performance in towns and cities across the UK. The Gospel story of second chances, forgiveness and reconciliation has the potential to inspire life and hope.

Watching a Passion Play can be very inspiring:

  • See the true meaning of Easter brought to powerful life on the streets – all free of charge.A multi image picture with 6 images depicting moments from a Passion Play. The main, large image in the centre shows a modern dress actor portraying Jesus as he is pulled by crowds using red ropes.
  • Encounter Jesus again (or for the first time) through dramatic and moving live performance.
  • Participate in an interactive event that brings people and churches of all denominations together. 
  • Hear the stories of people from all walks of life who have been impacted by the event.
  • An opportunity to witness community collaboration and creativity at its best.

What will you experience if you take part in a Passion Plays:

  • A warm welcome into a large volunteer cast and crew to make new friends and learn new skills
  • A chance for professional and amateur actors to work together.
  • An opportunity for local councils to give back to the community by supporting more free performances.