Worth Abbey

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This passion play is no longer being performed. If you would like to start a new play in your town or city, please contact the Passion Trust for help, advice and funding.

The Worth Passion Play was last performed in 2014.  Before that it was performed in 2009 as part of the Worth 75 celebrations. Photographs from past performances are below:

An actor playing Jesus kneels holding his cross while a woman in costume bends to hold a cloth to his face.

A crowd of men and women in colourful middle eastern dress look ahead with anxious expressions, waving or wringing their hands. Two Roman guards walk next to Jesus, with two men behind wearing robes, in a countryside setting with grass and trees. A woman in red dress and white head dress wipes a tear from her eye while holding a clay pot, with people standing behind. Actors playing two Roman guards flank Jesus carrying the cross wearing blood-strained robes, with people and traditional buildings behind.