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A red crown of thorns and words inside saying the Easter play, in Maidstone.

An immersive Passion Play retelling the Easter Story through music and drama for the whole Maidstone Community.

The Maidstone Easter Play is for the whole Maidstone Community. It will have live links back to a town centre venue and into the community. Two performances of the Maidstone Easter Play will take place to audiences of up to 2000 for each. There will be a small elevated area providing seating for those requiring it. There is plenty of FREE parking adjacent to the performance area on a Sunday.

The original script, draws together the four gospel accounts into a coherent, accessible narrative. While leaving space to explore the feelings and motivations of the characters. The audience will be drawn into becoming part of the first century events which will unfold around and in the midst of them.

Waypoint has built a reputation for delivering excellence, with standards set by the producer and creative director for a number of events in 2017. A cast of amateur actors from across the community, many with previous production experience will be supported by semi-professional Roman re-enactors. The actor who will play Jesus is particularly gifted.

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